We are committed to making a positive impact on the world; not only through the therapies we create, but also in the way in which we create them. Our influence spans three core values through which we strive to create a business model that puts positive change at its heart.


Our dedication to improving people’s lives is the driving force behind all we do. Our technology targets a community of people who suffer with chronic discomfort and a reduced quality of life because of common conditions. Yet currently available treatments are often considered unsuitable by patients, and therefore, adherence remains low. It is our pledge to create an alternative treatment that is both efficacious and can improve patient adherence.


We are aiming to streamline all our procedures to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We will continuously evaluate our manufacturing and R&D processes to become more sustainable and reduce our impact on the environment.

Equal opportunities

Antev’s greatest assets are the people who work tirelessly to create our treatments and bring them to market. We are proud to celebrate diversity in the Antev team, with individuals from all walks of life. We operate a strict equal opportunities policy to ensure our team has a welcoming atmosphere, filled with the best, the brightest, and the most passionate. This ensures a positive working environment that bolsters motivation and drives our work forward.